Whether you visit the orthodontist, or have us perform ClearCorrect clear aligner therapy, straightening your teeth is more than just a selfish splurge.  Here’s why you should consider making the investment in your smile.

-Healthy Gums and Teeth!  Crowded and turned teeth create food and bacteria traps for teeth, making them impossible to clean thoroughly, which can lead to gum disease and tooth decay.  If you have a bad bite that prevents you from closing all the way when you sleep, breathing through your mouth can dry out your saliva, causing irritation and inflammation.  This can also contribute to gum disease.  Straight teeth, with no gaps or crowding, and a good bite, lead to a mouth that is easy to clean and keep healthy.


-Less jaw pain and headaches.  Teeth that are properly aligned usually mean that the jaws are properly aligned as well.  This equilibrium creates less tension in the muscles around the jaw joints (TMJ), leading to a decrease in TMJ pain and tension headaches.


-Prevent excessive wear.  When the teeth are straight, and your bite is aligned and healthy, each tooth will hit in an even, predictable pattern when you chew.  This ensures that as you age, each tooth wears minimally and equally with its neighbors.


-Less tooth breakage.  Uneven wear patterns make you more likely to break a tooth if you bite down on something the wrong way (ie, a raw almond, or a bone you didn’t expect in your food).  Also, extreme overbites make the upper front teeth much more likely to break if you have any kind of trauma to the face, such as playing sports, or falling on the ground.


-Sleep apnea.  Believe it or not, straight teeth are typically associated with a properly developed lower face and neck, which leads to adequate airway development.  Crowded teeth can sometimes be associated with a narrow jaw and airway, making you at much higher risk for sleep apnea.


-Esthetics.  Of course, the most common reason that people are motivated to straighten their teeth is to improve how they look.  A straight smile leads to more confidence, more successful job interviews, and more stunning selfies.


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