Originally written December 2015:

Starting in January, your children’s wellness visits will look a little different, and we’re so excited about it!  While we have always tried to make education a big part of what we do, the majority of time your child spent in our office was either watching television, or getting a cleaning; neither of which had them engaged.  In order to get our kids to be an active participant in their own health, each child will get to participate in a health-related, hands-on science experiment during their visit.  Experiments are age-appropriate, and we will periodically add new ones, so that your child won’t do the same experiment every visit.

Then, your child’s traditional dental cleaning will take a much more hands-on approach as well.  Called a “guided self-prophy,” our hygienist Mellissa will work one-on-one with your child, guiding them on how to clean their own mouth effectively.  We will finish the appointment by allowing Mellissa to remove any plaque or tartar your child missed, and I will do my exam as usual.

We’ve seen this model work in several other cutting-edge, preventive dental practices, and I’m excited to bring it to our kids at Legacy Dentistry.  As a parent, I want my girls to learn to make healthy choices on their own, without preaching, nagging, or looking over their shoulders.  My hope is that this program will in some small way encourage and empower our kids to take ownership of their health every day.