If you are an adult who takes your oral hygiene very seriously, with your daily brushing and flossing taking on ritualistic proportions, a semi-annual visit to your dentist is often enough.

A good precaution to take, especially for those who dread the visit.


There is no hard and fast rule about how often one should do it. But if you love your candy and soda or if you are a smoker, you should be visiting your dentist more often.


There are other factors that come into play – genetics is one of them. Look at this piece of advice from a wise old gentleman who when asked about his longevity had this to say – “Do everything in moderation, but also pray that you have inherited good genes.”


Children should go at least every six months because their teeth can decay faster and they tend to eat more sugary food. They often need supervision from adults to make sure they are sticking to a healthy dental hygiene routine.


However, since oral hygiene is directly connected to your overall health, it assumes additional significance. Another advantage of a regular visit to your dentist is they can detect tell-tale signs of some serious diseases in your mouth at an early stage.


Early detection increases the chances of survival.


Finally, you are the best judge of your own physical health.


Take good care of your oral hygiene, which also includes your gums and mouth, but like we said, regular visits, check-ups and oral examination have definite advantages to offer.