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I am excited to share, that during April and May, Legacy Dentistry will be participating in the Smiles for Life campaign.  How it works is very simple: 1) You want whiter teeth.  2) Ultradent donates their whitening materials to our practice, 3) We donate our time, 4)Every penny you pay goes to local and not-so-local charities.  Easy, right?

Many of our patients want whiter teeth, but the price has kept them from biting (no pun intended) the bullet.  So to give you a little more incentive, we took 20% off our normal whitening prices.  We’ve also added a third whitening option, to make sure we serve as many people as possible.  The options are as follows:

  • Chair-side whitening: This is an in-office procedure, so allow up to 2 hours for the appointment.  The has the fastest, most intense effects, but the most potential for sensitivity after the procedure.  This is for folks that want great results, don’t have sensitive teeth (or don’t mind a little sensitivity), or know that they’re not likely to wear whitening trays for a week.  Normal price is $500, campaign price is $400.  This includes custom trays and a tube of touch-up gel.
  • Take-home whitening: We take impressions and make you custom whitening trays, and then give you the material with instructions on how to use it at home.  You’ll wear your custom trays for about an hour a day for 7 days, but you’ll have plenty of whitening gel to use for touch-ups in the future.  Normal price is $199, campaign price is $159.
  • Pre-fabricated trays: This is our newest option, and is similar to over-the-counter strips.  Use them for 30-60 minutes a day for 10 days.  This option is perfect for those who have never whitened before, or those who want to whiten on a budget.  Normal price $99, campaign price $75.

Is teeth whitening considered part of a holistic practice?  This is a cosmetic procedure, after all.  Here is what I will say:  While teeth whitening gel is not “natural” (the most natural thing is to do is leave your teeth that pale shade of Starbucks, or to use an abrasive baking soda or charcoal that will wear away some of your enamel), I am confident in the safety of hydrogen peroxide (the active whitening ingredient) in controlled doses.  And while whitening your teeth does not treat or prevent any dental disease, it can frequently boost your confidence and mood.  A whiter smile can even give you a leg up on a job interview or first date.  So if we’re talking about your overall health and wellbeing, I am completely comfortable whitening smiles!  Of course, like all procedures, not everyone is a candidate.  We whiten responsibly, so if you’re not already a patient, we’ll need to take a quick look to make sure teeth whitening is right for you.

Most importantly, every single penny you spend on whitening goes to charity.  Smiles for Life takes your payment, and gives half of the money to children’s charities both here and abroad.  The other half of the money was up to us!  So we chose Hope Clinic of Ellis County to receive the remaining half of funds generated at our office.  Since Ultradent donates all of the supplies, our practice keeps none of your money.  That’s what I call a WIN-WIN-WIN!!  I hope we see you soon!

In good health,

Dr. E