Patient Reviews

Dr. N at Legacy Dentistry is the absolute BEST dentist I have ever been to in my entire life. I have had so many terrible experiences with other dentists, everything from the wrong tooth being root canaled, to waking up mid-dental surgery and being told to shut up and go back to sleep. Needless to say, I now have *severe* anxiety about going to the dentist, and as a result, waited far too long to have my mouth looked at. Dr. N’s team was genuinely kind, compassionate and reassuring from the very start, helping to put me at ease in every way they could. I had to have 3 extractions done in one day, because I had waited too long, and I was terrified, but my fear was unnecessary. Dr. N is the FIRST dentist that has ever given me a completely pain-free experience. Even the Novocain shot was painless!!
Then, I unfortunately got a dry-socket, and Dr. N came in on his day off (a Saturday) to rinse it out, check the healing, and help me be rid of the pain.
Dr. N and his whole team have made a loyal and enthusiastic patient out of this woman. I cannot recommend them highly enough! <3

-Lauren Schmude

Hate going to dentist. Have whatever phobia there is. But, after a few minutes in the chair I felt relaxed due to the staff understanding. A very clean place and ambiance is tranquil.

-David Capehart

I am so thankful for this Dentist and the entire office. After months of pain they worked overtime (through 2 blackouts!) To find out why I was in pain and how to fix it. After a filling with out being numb, by a different dentist, I was pretty nervous but they made sure I was completly numb before they went forward. I was not JUST treated I was completly cared for every step of the way. Never my favorite experience, going to the dentist, but after this one I found myself walking out with a smile. Well as much as I could with half a numb face. 🙂

-Heidi Beck

My family has been going to Legacy dentistry for a couple of years now. The staff is very nice and does a great job taking care of my kids. I trust their judgment. The new doctor is very friendly and even called us after my daughters procedure to check on her. We are very happy here!

-Shelley Jackson