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Dental Implants – Midlothian, TX

Replacing Teeth from the Ground Up

As useful as traditional bridges and dentures can be, they can only replace the normally visible parts of your teeth; they do nothing about the roots that are needed to maintain a healthy jawbone. But with dental implants, Dr. Nguyen has the ability to replace the entire tooth structure. And, unlike other dental offices, there’s no need for a referral; you can have the surgery done right here at Legacy Dentistry! Call us today to learn more about the process of fully restoring your smile with dental implants in Midlothian, TX.

Older couple laughing together after replacing teeth with dental implants

Why Choose Legacy Dentistry for Dental Implants?

What Is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are very small posts normally made of titanium. Since they’re meant to function as tooth roots, they’re surgically inserted into the jawbone so that they can become part of the bone through a process called osseointegration. They can then support a prosthetic such as a crown, bridge, or denture. As long as your mouth is healthy and your jawbone is sufficiently strong, we can replace any number of teeth with implants.

4 Step Dental Implant Process

Female dental patient smiling after getting dental implants in Midlothian, TX

Dr. Nguyen has completed many hours of advanced training focusing on dental implants, and as a result he can perform the entire dental implant procedure under a single roof. He can answer any questions you have about the procedure, and he’ll take whatever steps are needed to make sure that everything goes smoothly from start to finish. Getting dental implants is a process that can span many months, and it normally follows these four basic steps.

Initial Dental Implant Consultation

Male dental patient at consultation for dental implants in Midlothian, TX

Everything begins with a dental implant consultation. We first need to examine your smile using the latest technology in order to determine whether or not you’re a good candidate for dental implants. Preliminary work might be required in some cases, such as when there is not currently enough healthy bone tissue in your jaw to support the post. Once we’ve gathered all the necessary information and determined what your smile needs, we can plan the rest of your treatment accordingly.

Dental Implant Surgery

Oral surgery for placing dental implants in Midlothian, TX

Dental implant surgery will be scheduled once all the preliminary work needed to prepare your mouth has been completed. The procedure is relatively simple. We just need to make a small incision in your gum tissue so that we can insert the dental implant posts directly into your jawbone. The gums are sutured shut afterwards to help them heal properly, and a protective cap will be placed on each implant post; this both helps the gums maintain their shape and shield your implant from damage before a permanent restoration is placed.

Dental Implant Osseointegration & Abutment

Close-up of an unrestored dental implant in Midlothian, TX

The osseointegration process takes about 3 to 6 months depending on how many implants were placed; your body’s natural healing process is a factor as well, as different people heal at different rates. After it’s done, the next step is to put an abutment on each implant post; the abutment is what ultimately connects the final restoration to the rest of the implant. Placing the abutment does require a second surgery, but it’s smaller than the initial implant placement, and it will only take about one to two weeks for you to recover to the point that we can move on to the final step.

Delivery of Dental Implant Restoration(s)

Woman smiling after getting dental implants in Midlothian, TX

“Restoration” is another word for replacement teeth. It can refer to a crown, bridge, or denture depending on how much empty space there is to fill in your smile. Once your abutments are in place and your mouth has completely healed, we can take impressions of your smile; a team of professional ceramists at a trusted dental lab will use the impressions to create restorations that look almost the same as your natural teeth – even in the way that they reflect light. After we attach the final restoration to your abutments, they’ll look and feel just like the teeth you were born with; it’s not unheard of for people to forget which teeth were replaced!

Benefits of Dental Implants

Man with dental implants in Midlothian, TX sitting on bleachers

Dental implants as we know them started becoming common in the 1980s, and today they’re more popular than ever, with 500,000 new posts being placed every year. We highly recommend dental implants to any patient that is missing at least one tooth, as they offer so many outstanding benefits that can enhance the quality of your life after tooth loss. If you’re not sure whether implants are right for you, take the time to learn a bit more about the benefits they offer.

Day-to-Day Benefits

Woman in sweater smiling with dental implants in Midlothian, TX
  • You’ll be able to eat most foods: With traditional dentures, some foods are more challenging to eat than others, and you’ll often find yourself staying away from harder to chew meals. But with dental implants, you can eat virtually anything you could with your natural teeth, meaning you can return to your old diet.
  • You’ll be able to speak clearly: When speaking in front of others, it helps to know that your prosthetic teeth aren’t going to move out of place at the wrong moment. With your dental implants keeping your teeth secure, you’ll have no trouble clearly enunciating all of your words.
  • You’ll be able to smile confidently: Your prosthetic teeth will be personalized to match your natural facial aesthetics. You’ll be able to show off your smile at any time knowing that most people will only see a dazzling grin filled with beautiful teeth.
  • Oral hygiene is easy: With dentures, you would have to adapt to a new oral care routine. However, the maintenance that dental implants require isn’t much different than what you would have to do to take care of your natural teeth.

Health Benefits

Woman with dental implants in Midlothian, TX eating an apple
  • Your jawbone will be preserved: Your jaw needs the internal support and stimulation that tooth roots provide in order to maintain its shape and strength. Dental implants make up for the lack of natural tooth roots and help prevent the bone from breaking down.
  • Your natural teeth will be protected: Getting dental implants can be good for your remaining teeth in various ways. It prevents them from drifting into the open space, and it eliminates the need to remove enamel to make room for a dental bridge.
  • You’ll maintain a nutritious diet: Not being able to eat everything you want can make it harder to eat healthy, but dental implants have no such limitations to worry about.

Long-Term Benefits

Senior man sitting on couch with dental implants in Midlothian, TX
  • Implants have a high success rate: Dental implants are very reliable over the long term. Studies have shown that they have a 95% rate of success two decades after their initial placement.
  • You’ll keep a more youthful appearance: By preventing jawbone deterioration, you’ll keep your face looking more youthful in general.
  • Implants have a long lifespan: Are you tired of having to replace bridges and dentures every few years? Dental implants are known to be able to last for 30 years or longer, with some even lasting entire lifetimes.

Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

Older couple considering dental implant tooth replacement options

You’re likely a candidate for dental implants if you’ve lost one or more teeth and have decent overall health. Each implant procedure is different and will be designed based on your unique needs.

Animated implant supported dental crown

Missing One Tooth

As you might expect, you’ll only get one implant when a single tooth is missing. After your mouth heals from the placement surgery, the post will be topped with a carefully designed crown that can endure the forces of your chewing and completely fill in the empty space to prevent your other teeth from drifting.

3D model of implant supported dental crown

Missing Multiple Teeth

Have you lost three or more teeth in a row? We may be able to replace them all with a dental bridge (a restoration made of two crowns and a few artificial teeth). Instead of making changes to your natural teeth, like with a traditional bridge, the crowns will use a pair of implants for support.

Full denture in glass of water

Missing All of Your Teeth

Even if you’ve lost an entire row, implants can still be a viable solution. Anchoring dentures to four or more implant posts keeps them firmly in place and allows you to chew tougher foods you might have trouble with otherwise. Also, since the implants stop the jawbone from breaking down, there’s less risk that your dentures will need to be frequently adjusted.

Smile with mini dental implant visible in empty socket

Mini Dental Implants

Patients that lost their teeth a while ago normally have less healthy jawbone available to support implants. But with mini dental implants, which as you might expect are about half the size of regular ones, more people have the opportunity to enjoy new teeth supported by sturdy artificial roots.

Start to Finish Convenience

Dentist shaking hands with dental implant patient

Thanks to his training and experience, Dr. Nguyen can offer every stage of dental implant treatment in-house, from the surgical placement of the posts to their restoration. This will save you the trouble of having to drive to a new location in order to see an unfamiliar specialist. And, most importantly, it means your new teeth will be provided by a caring dentist that you already know and trust. Make Legacy Dentistry your one stop for high-quality tooth replacements!

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

older man and woman discussing dental implant financing options

Like many patients, one of the first things on your mind when considering dental implants is their price. Before we can give you a useful estimate, we need to check your mouth as well as your medical history and answer the following questions:

All these factors need to be considered in order to determine the final price of your new smile.

Keep in mind that dental implants tend to have a higher initial cost than other kinds of tooth replacement. However, due to their longevity and the numerous benefits they offer, they are often considered the best investment.

Dental Implant FAQs

An older man looking at his new smile in the mirror while a dental hygienist points to his dental implant

If you are considering dental implants, you probably have multiple questions before you make your final decision. At Legacy Dentistry, we understand the gravity of this choice, which is why we believe in providing honest and helpful answers to ensure you feel more confident about your dental decisions. Below you will find a series of common questions asked by patients interested in dental implants. If you do not see your question listed below, please don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule an appointment.

Why is a bone graft necessary before receiving dental implants?

Not all patients who receive dental implants are required to undergo a bone graft. However, if Dr. Nguyen believes your jawbone is too deteriorated, it may be necessary to have grafting minerals placed into various areas of your bone to create a more stable and structurally sound foundation for your implants. Although this additional procedure does require more time spent recovering at home, it is well worth it to receive dental implants that will remain in place for decades.

Are there any risks associated with surgery?

Much like any other type of procedure, there are always risks involved. Dental implant placement does have a high success rate, but there is a small chance that an infection could develop that requires additional treatment or surgery. It is also possible that nerves can be bruised, causing numbness throughout the lips, cheeks, and tongue. Should this happen, it will most likely be temporary.

Can dental implants fail?

Yes, it is possible for dental implants to fail; however, this is rare. Instances where an implant is incorrectly placed, or an infection develops within the bone can cause your procedure to be unsuccessful. This is why it is imperative that you select a trusted professional who has experience and training when it comes to surgically placing dental implants. Fortunately, Dr. Nguyen has advanced training in dental implant placement.

Is it possible to switch from dentures to dental implants?

It is not uncommon for denture-wearers to inquire about switching to dental implants. During your consultation with Dr. Nguyen, he will examine your oral cavity and facial structure to determine if you are a qualified candidate. If the jawbone proves to be strong enough and you possess good gum health, there is a good possibility he can provide you with an implant-retained denture that contains between 4 and 6 implants.

Will the procedure hurt?

When preparing for dental implant placement, Dr. Nguyen will administer anesthesia to ensure you remain pain-free throughout the procedure. Also, it may be possible to receive sedation dentistry to calm your nerves and make sure you are fully relaxed while he completes his work. Once the anesthesia and sedation wear off, you will likely experience mild to moderate discomfort and soreness. Fortunately, we can provide you with detailed instructions on ways to address your symptoms and start feeling better in no time.

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